Monday, 20 June 2011

Impatient, bored trader = gambler!

The last couple of weeks I have been completely off the traders mindset and am not sure why.

I think my targets for this month has be the cause of that, there were not any specific targets set, but I wanted to double May's profit of £75.75.

As it stands at the moment, June's profit is +£3.50 after being up +£45 within the first few days of June.

In the last couple of weeks, I have used mad stakes and have used over £100 on a couple of occasions. I have seen losses of -£14 in one race yesterday which I was absolutely gutted about but having said that it is another experience to add to my list and one that I think has made me more relaxed using smaller stakes of £20 for example.

Today I traded 17 markets and the last 3 races I managed to get £8.08 using £20 stakes. The day ended +£3.96 but the last few races I felf very comfortable to use £20 stakes and just go with my feelings and not just WoM, money matched etc.

Hopefully it is not just a fluke but a sign of good things to come!

I want to get my bank back to £200 and just have a very small goal from there on instead of anything spectacularly rediculous!

It is better to have small targets and match them than big targets and fail to meet them, as in my case I have ended up trying to chase the target.

Hope your all profiting more than me!

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